We Blame You!

You attacked the ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza.

You released your fully armed soldiers on us.

You raged war against compassion, mercy, fraternity, and solidarity from 33 countries.

You shot unprotected and defenseless civilians on their heads.

You arrested 360 friends of ours.

You started a raid against our comrades cherishing determination, love and hope of living in the world.

You advocated your violence.

As the Israeli government, you committed a crime against humanity.

You are guilty.

We blame you in front of the world’s peoples / public opinion!

Unless you immediately abandon this terrifying mistake, this aggression on the verge of folly…

If you continue to shoot at the universal values of humanity…

You will face the opposition of the whole civilized world.

And we…

In the name of civilization, fraternity, humanity and peace…

Will forever struggle against you.


Yukari Asagi